What is Vasiyogam?

Vasiyogam can be learned under the guidance of Guru. Vasiyogam should not be studied without a Guru.

Vasiyogam is to open the lock by touching the forehead with a closed face, drawing in the breath and driving it up and down inside without letting it out, making the soul in a state of samadhi.

Vasyoga is to direct the path of the air, which enters through the nose and ascends again through the nose, to the upper source (the root chakra is above the spiritual path) and takes the soul to the state of samadhi.

According to the Siddhas, the true state of spirituality is not below the neck. Therefore the statement of Siddha Veda is to raise and lower the wasted air coming in and out of the body. Siddha Vidhi is given based on Siddha Veda.

Monk Jyoti Swami gives thorough training to devotees who wish to practice Vasyoga every Thursday. The payment of devotees to Swami is that the devotees become better by practicing properly.