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Food Serving

Daily - From 7.30 AM till 5.00 PM

Devotees who visit Guru Nath daily are served vegetarian food in the form of rice, sambar, rasam and buttermilk.

For Join with Annadhaanam

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Every item that you give for the Guru is given to the devotees as Prasad every day

Recitation of Navkari Mantra every Friday

Recitation of Navakari Mantra blessed by Thirumoolar

Participate in Navkari Mantra Prayer held at Jeevasamathi for better health and economy.

Vasiyogam practice every Thursday

Training Vasiyoga

Pranayama and Vasiyoga are taught free of cost at Guru's Jeevasamadhi every Thursday


39th Guru Pooja Utsav - 2023
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