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History of Satguru

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Prelude to Satguru's Life - Poet Mr. Arumugam - Coimbatore

"I think! I wonder! I'm excited! I think of Satguru Gnani Vellingiri Swami's incomparable high personal life. Did such a noble person live among us near us? How could he live like that?“ I wonder. Didn't you get the blessing of worshiping the saint who lived such a pure life, a simple life, a common life? I am heartened by that.

Born in a simple family on February 15, 1938 in Chinnakkollapatti in Salem district, the miracle of Satguru Gnani Vellingiri Swami, who was born in a simple family, unfolds as a truly thrilling epic. Like the ascetic Mahan Ramana in his childhood! One of the direct disciples of Siddha Yoga scholar Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa, Kutralam Sankarananda Swami was his guru, and he received initiation and mastered the art of Vasiyoga and received his blessings, just as Swami Vivekananda received it from Lord Ramakrishna. After accepting Gurunathar's blessings and worshiping Murti, Talam and Thirtham properly, when our Swami reached the hill of Kailai and did penance, like Annamalai called Lord Ramana - Vellingiri, which is worshiped as Thenkailai (Vellingiri Hills), attracted and pulled our Swami.

Came! Lived! Lives!

Mullangadu became famous because of him! With his arrival, Poondi got a new glow! Lord Vellingiri's heart was cold! its true! Not just praise! Satguru Gnani Vellingiri Swami got up in Mullangadu Ashram and lit the candle of Vasiyoga for all those who sought him. He cured all the deadly diseases by treating the poor people who came to him suffering from dew with the help of Seermiku Siddha medicine.

We know many priests who do all these things. So what's so surprising about this? What is there? There is! There is! Today, Gurus and Doctors are running around in a hurry. They are blowing wildly today. But all his life our Lord Satguru was a pure sage who never touched money with his hands.

One more news, the body is thrilling!

Do you know where our Satguru Gnani Vellingiri Swami was from the first day of Margazhi month to the first day of Tai month every year? At the top of South Kailai! Near Shiva Murthy! Pouring snow! Cold! Solitude! Animal movement! There he alone with Shiva! I think! Amazed! Is that all? Nam Charguru used to sit on the top of Vellingiri for three months during the fat and hot summer to worship the benevolent Lord Shiva. As he spent a third of the year at the top of Vellingiri, Nam Charguru was praised by all as the Vellingiri Swami.

Satguru, who lived as an embodiment of truth and an abode of simplicity, attained life union in 1986. Even today, many people can see his subtlety.

Tavathiru Jyoti Swami , who was once my beloved student and today is one of my venerable monks, prayed for me to write a text for the book.

My love and gratitude to him. I bow down to all those who are associated with Charguru as his disciples.

Satguru's Thiruvadi sharanam!

Biography of Satguru Gnani Vellingiri Swami
One who lives worldly life the way it ought to be lived
will be treated on par with the Gods inhabiting the heavens.- Thirukural

Not only in the human body, but also in the soul, there are very few people who have acquired the virtues of a human being and become 'human beings' and then become gods through their penance efforts. Those who, through the grace of penance, realize Shiva Yoga within themselves and become the same are Siddhas. One of such siddhas is our Sarkuru Gnani Vellingiri Swami.

When the thoughts that appear in our mind are actively absorbed into them, they become action. Such thoughts are reflected in us. When the eyes are closed it becomes subtle. But it is different with those who are in jiva samadhi, for the same visions which appear to be clairvoyant, become vividly clear when the eyes are opened. This is their power. One can see the history of the life of Satguru Gnani Vellingiri Swami, who is so stout.

He was born in a small village called Salem Chinnakkollapatti. He incarnated not only as the fifth son of Chinnabaiyakaunder and Pachaiyammal who lived in Avvur but also as 'Mahan' himself.

His spiritual quest at a young age began to grow into a tree contained within a seed.

Because of this, at the age of nine, he left home and set out in search of his Guru. As a result, Brahmashree Sankarananda, who has now attained Jeeveswara union, was accepted as his Gnana Guru and served him for many years near Courtalam Aindaruvi. He mastered Siddhavittha Vasyoga taught to him by his Guru completely by his own practice.

During his studies, he shared the food he got as alms with his guru, Mookamma who worked for the guru, and Sundaram Sami who was initiated with him. He never shied away from his duties and fulfilled his duties to his parents as well.

After many days of service to his guru and intense practice as an incentive for his ascetic life, the guru, who had learned his wisdom, called his disciple and said, "Son! No bird should remain in a cage even after the sprouting of feathers, so you are a universally free bird, teach those who seek you this Vasyoga, which is the end and the end, and they too will be freed from this environment of birth."

On the orders of the Guru, with his perfect blessing, he undertook a pilgrimage across the north to Kailai. When our Gurunathar reached Kailayam, while he was gathered in Tava Nittai, to perform his spiritual duties and for the good of the people, he saw in his wisdom the place where he would attain the unity of Jeevaveswara, reached the Vellingiri mountain known as Sotuh Kailayam(Vellingiri Hills), and did penance in a cave there.

Mr.Venkatapathy, Mr.Madhuralal, Mr.Thangavel, Mr.Paper Marudachalam, Mr.Arunachalam, and with the help of friends who worked at ESI Dispensary, Mr.Titonium Muthusamy, Mr.Ituvai Rangasamy, Mr.Madhuralal and some friends, realized the place of his Sthoola Thegam Utama, surrounded by nature near the village of Mullangadu where the ashram is now located. At this wonderful place he set up a tabernacle and performed penance. He taught good teachings and recitations to those who sought him. Not only that, he also taught the Siddha medicine methods that he learned from Tavathru.Gandiraj Swami, the rare herbs that have the power to cure incurable and fatal diseases, and the methods of making medicines to the interested people.

Moreover, he adopted the practice of alchemy, which is a severe trick, and renounced it and performed only greater penance. But he taught alchemy to those who wanted to listen.

In addition, he taught vasiyogic practices and their interpretations and benefits along with Siddha Vidhai.

Around the place where the ashram is located, he cultivated ninety one types of rare and rare herbs and made them available to others. He was not only interested in medicine but also in music. Although he has studied very little in school, he not only sings all the songs of the Siddhas in his own voice on the tamburan musical instrument made by himself, but also explains the meaning of the song to the disciples and loved ones who come.

No one saw his sleep. Always doing something. He spends the whole night preparing the medicine, preparing a mixture of vetiver, nannari and some other herbs and giving it to those who need it.

He used to go to the market in Coimbatore and buy Dharmam, and with the things they gave him, he gave as much food as he could to the hill people here and alleviated their hunger. Although he knows alchemy, he keeps himself simple. He never reached out to anyone and asked for money. He considered it to be evil and used it to give alms to his servants and those who sought him.

Swami always eats one time only. It is also a salt free food. He never even touches salt with his hand. Only one bus comes on those days around twelve o'clock in the afternoon. After seeing if anyone is coming, he will put rice in it. If someone comes unexpectedly, he distributes the cooked food to them. That was his meal that day. Because if he overturns the dishes after cooking, he will cook again the next day.

During these days, some of Swami's disciples told him that they would cook and Swami agreed. They thought they could test the Guru by deliberately adding salt to the food they had cooked and making him eat it. After that, while serving the cooked food, they told Swami what they had salted and invited them to come and eat. But the Swami denied it and asked them to have food and sat outside the tent.

There he was cursing Mother Veerakali as 'Mundachi' sitting in the forest at the foothills of Vellingiri.

In the next few seconds, Mother Veerakali came in the form of a woman dressed in a white saree with a basket of food and a plantain leaf in her hands.

To that Swami said, "I am not hungry, I do not need, you can go." She also disappeared after going some distance.

Seeing this, the disciples asked with suspicion who the woman was, and said that when the time comes, it will become clear.

In this way, realizing the power of Swami who had done many Sidhus, prepared many Ayur Medicines and offered them to his loved ones, and did not reveal his virtues, two person came to Swami in 1976 to realize his spiritual superiority. In general, Swami's are rarely restrained, and the same continued with them.

One was Dr.Nagaraj, Swami's chief disciple, and his friend Dr.Shantharam. Both of them were impressed by Swami's simple demeanor and visionary vision and regularly visited the ashram every Sunday.

But he has been minding his own business without speaking a word to them. Even if he does not speak to them, he will send them away by giving them food in that forest. This lasted for about six months. Due to their attraction towards Swami, they used to visit him every week. After six months had passed, he said to them, "Why are you coming here?" This was the first speech Swami spoke to them.

They also said that coming to see Swami gives them peace of mind and peace. Only after that, told them to read the Swami Sivanandhar Paramahamsa's 'Siddha Veda' called Siddhavitha, and while they were reading, he would also explain it.

This lasted for about a year and a half. In the year 1978, on the day of Chitra Powrnami, he initiated both of them and made them his disciples. Among them, Dr.Nagaraj, due to his great faith and attraction towards Swami, used to come to the ashram every week, work for his guru and train the students he taught.

Swami also accepted him as his main soul disciple and taught him Vasyoga completely in the tricks he had learned and made him experience and feel many supernatural phenomena and wonderful scenes. Every year, during the entire month of Margazhi, the Swami would stay in Krishna's cave in Vellingiri Hill, regardless of the harsh weather conditions, and observe a month-long continuous fasting and silence. During those thirty days, Dr.Nagaraj would send thirty moongdall balls cooked in his home. This was his food. He will come down from Vellingiri hill on the first day of Thai month after penance.

On that day, his spiritual disciple, Doctor Nagaraj, would be ready to light a lamp and wait. On that day he would allow his feet to be touched only for one day. Only on that one day will he accept the foot puja done by his disciple. After that he would share with his disciple the wonders he had seen and the experiences he had experienced during that month of penance in the Krishna Cave.

During these days, he once took his disciple Nagaraj and went to Vellingiri hill. While going up the hill, the doctor saw that at many places the Guru's feet seemed to be flying without touching the ground. Similarly, the doctor's body was sweating due to the impact of the high sun, but seeing that Swami was not sweating, the doctor said, "Swami, you don't sweat at all, am I sweating too?"

He called his disciple and placed him near his body. It was only then that he realized that due to the Guru's yogic strength, he felt the nature of cold air spread around his body. It was understood that this was only possible for him who had conquered the Panchapoothas. Through this, Dr. Nagaraj realized the superiority of Swami's penance power that day.

After that, while coming down the hill, Gurunathar saw three ladies at the door of the stairs ready to bow in anticipation of their arrival, and said to his disciple, "Those who have come to Nagaraj are not ordinary people. When I prostrate, you too bow down with me." The next moment, the three girls disappeared magically.

Seeing this, the Doctor asked the Guru who they were and said, "They are called as Kuratika, they have come to take away the merit we have bought."

A few days later, when the family of Dr.Nagaraj, who came to see Swami, told Swami that they should go to visit Veerakali Amman, who lives in the nearby forest, and the shrine of Siddhar Swami, the founder of the temple, he said, "Okay, go and get it, two dogs will come to help you." If an elephant comes near, the herd of elephants will disperse when they see it roaring like lions.

A similarly amazing incident happened a few months later. The Doctor told Swami that he was going to 'Palani Hill'. Swami asked 'Why are you going there?' and 'What are you doing there?' To which the doctor said, 'I am going to visit Murugan Temple, I don't know anything about what to do there, but if you guide me, I will do it'.

To that Gurunathar said, 'Don't do it now, go when I say'. Accordingly, after a month, he said, "Leave to Palani tomorrow" and told some places there, "He will meditate there and then think of the Guru and look at those places, he will know some wonderful sights and some secrets." Below he saw the Siddhas doing penance.

Moreover, while he was meditating, God Murugan stood in front of him like a boy wearing a green vest and stretched out his hands pointing to the sanctum sanctorum saying "Look at Murugan, look at Murugan". After some time, he said, "I have seen what I said, leave."

Similarly, when he went to another place, a great man appeared and pointed to a certain place and said, "Son! Sit here and meditate and do what you have been told." The doctor also sat in meditation, unaware of the passing of time, and no one was there.

The next day he came to the ashram and told his Guru what had happened and what he had seen. Swami replied, "Oh! "Why did you leave that person? You should have bought Vibhuti. You went to see him."

Every year Swami goes to Muthikkulam next to Vellingiri hill and performs penance. Even today the place is a dense forest with no human traffic.

While doing penance, Kamadenu gave him a vision. Kamadenu standing before him was dripping milk from each of her nipples. When Gurunath was drinking milk on the fourth hammock, Kamadenu said to the Guru, "I have not left you yet."

If you say that it is wrong to think that a disciple who trusts in him should be good, then the welfare of the disciple who trusted me is more important to me than your grace.

When he told his disciple what had happened, the disciple regretted saying, "Swami, why did you think of me, you didn't get the grace that you get?" On hearing this, Gurunathar said, "Leave it, call and come."

One day he called the doctor who was staying at the ashram and took him to the Noyal river at 2.30 in the morning. He told me to meditate towards the east in the middle of the river. After some time he ordered to see the sky. Then the doctor was mesmerized by the miraculous event. That is, the Saptha Rishis also came in the form of a star, crawling where the ashram is now located, and then saw Vellingiri reaching the summit.

Gurunathar asked, "What did you see?" He said, "I saw seven stars crawling into my eyes." He said, "Okay, let it go for a while."

Thus, even though the Swami had gathered many kinds of Sidhus, he never revealed it to anyone. Even when it rains heavily, he walks without even a single drop falling on him. He has revealed Himself to suit the temperament of His disciples.

In fact, the truth is that no one has the maturity to fully realize Swami. He is not only good at playing Sidhu. There have been a few instances of him being very adept at psychic medicine as well.

Swami treated a man suffering from psoriasis. He would make him stay in his hut for a week, make him eat this food like this and prepare a decoction and give it to him. He would grind many green herbs in a kalvam (a hand made grinding stone) and make him sit in the sun and apply the medicine with his own hands without any discomfort on his pus-oozing body. After drying, the medicine crumbles into powder, and after doing this continuously for a week, the person was completely cured of the disease.

Apart from that, one time when the doctor went to see Swami, an adivasi who lived nearby came running to Swami after his finger was cut with a sickle and severed (i.e. only the tip of the finger was attached to the hand)."The finger is broken" he cried in pain.

Seeing this, the Swami squeezed well with his hands the juice of a patchouli herb he had grown on the nearby fence, left it on the cut finger and bandaged it well with the same patchouli. He was told not to untie him for a week and to come and see him next week.

Then he looked at the doctor and said, "What would you do if a man like this came to your hospital with a broken finger?"

The doctor said, "What can be done?" "We will treat the affected area with stitches so that germs do not infect it," he said.

"So what about that finger?" Swami asked, "That's all, Swami, let's remove it."

"Is this your remedy?" He said, "Come next week and see what happens." After a week, the doctor came to the ashram and was shocked and surprised. Because the man had no trace of amputation on his fingers, and he naturally worked with them.

Thus he performed many miracles by using the miraculous properties of Siddha medicine very meticulously.

Thus he performed many miracles with his chief disciple, Doctor Nagaraj.

Apart from that, Swami has taught one of his disciples, Mr. Maduralal, the art of walking in water using pranayama, the methods of curing diseases through asanas and the methods of curing many diseases like ven kuttam with mercury.

He taught Mr. Narendran from Salem the methods of medicine and alchemy. Their families continue to benefit even today.

Besides music, medicine and penance, Gurunathar was also a great farmer. He would grow vegetables near his penitentiary for the benefit of all. The fact that one gourd produced 80 kg indicates his power of penance.

It is Lord Shiva's property, it belongs to everyone, and he would ask the devotees who come to see him to take it away.

He himself demonstrated the power of living in harmony with nature and its wonder. Even the animals living in the forest became accustomed to his movement and the effulgence of his wisdom. He walks alone in the habitat of deadly animals without any protection and without fear. Even if they come close to him, he goes quietly without touching anything.

There is always a black snake in the ashram with Swami. Doctor, the main disciple, shared with us that he had seen Swami playing with it many times. But it is not so easily visible to other eyes. Many have seen it still there today. There have been several incidents of people who come to the ashram with evil intentions being chased away and beaten up. Not only the doctor but all the devotees find a place in the love of Guru Nathar who argues with the Lord for the sake of the devotees.

Among the most important tricks he learned, he taught his spiritual disciple Dr. Nagaraj completely the Vasiyoga. In 1985, he called his disciple and handed over all his responsibilities and said that he would attain Jeeveswara union in the following year. Therefore, he decreed that the alms giving and festivals, which are still going on today, should be conducted with speciality.

As said by the Swami, in 1986, in the month of Masi, Jeeveswara attained union in Punarbhusam Nakshatra. A jeevasamadhi was erected at that place and the lamp of knowledge is still shining. We have been worshiping today as Guru Puja every year.

The events of Satguru's life can only be known through the incidents he performed with his disciples. A Guru does not write his own history. For those who seek the blessings, grace and love of our Guru who is the Lord in Sukuma Thega, he is always with us as a guide and lives with us as a banana tree. The life history of Satguru Gnani Vellingiri Swami, which is not complete, will continue.

Guru Sarana!

Note : Miracles performed by Swami with his devotees can be read in full in the book. Will update soon.

Satguru Gnani Vellingiri Swamy Charitable Trust

After Satguru Gnani Vellingiri Swami became Jeeveswara United, Doctor Nagaraj built Jeevasamadhi for his Guru. For thirty-two consecutive years, he conducted the Gurupuja and Karthika Deepa festivals. He used to give Food to the devotees who came to visit Gurunathar. After the Doctor realized his final days, he handed over the responsibility of conducting Jeevasamathi to Jyoti Swami as per Guru's order.

After the death of Dr. Nagaraj, the events of Jeevasamadhi are going on under the management of his only daughter, N.Rajeshwari.

Presently, between 7.30 am and 5 pm, food provided to the devotees who visit the Swami.

Vasiyoga practice is taught every Thursday.

The Navakari Mantra is chanting in Thirumandram given by Thirumoolar takes place every Friday.

Free Food, clothing and medicine are provided to the public.

Swamy's Jeevasamadhi is managed by the Government registered 'Satguru Gnani Vellingiri Swamy Charitable Trust'. The trustees of this trust continue to serve Guru, the pilgrims and the general public for their own benefit.

Trustees Details

N.Rajeshwari M.B.A.,

Managing Trustee

Monk Jyothi




Mr.S.Pasupathi - Advocate

Joint Secretary

Mrs. T.Poongothai

Joint Managing Trustee